Learn howto increase
income, monetise your content and audience and make your no stress recurrent business online
The no fluff 3 days challenge to develop and start your successfull membership business
to launch from scratch
1-2 months
over 1 m $
income per year
9 months +
average retention rate
2-5 hours
per week spent an owner to run membership business
Your reasons to create a membership
to make more money

to have stable recurring revenue

to share your knowledge and expertise

to monetize your content

to have more impact

to engage your audience

to better leverage your time

to create a better lifetime

to establish your authority
If you are a blogger, an expert, an author or creator ... A membership will provide you with
and you will have more time for life you dream of
discover all tactics and strategies during the challenge
even if you have now idea what to start with right now
lifetime of different quality
fresh and highly engaged audience
stable recurring revenue
Your results after the challenge
You are ready to launch your membership (and I'll show how to do it during the challenge)
Create marketing and launch strategy
Create customer journey map for your membership
Develop a minimum viable product
Collect your first members
Take a look behind the curtains
Challenge schedule
Day 1
Live training:
Explore your "whys and whats" for launching your membership
Explore your audience, their needs and readiness for your membership.
Day 2
Live training:
Develop your customer journey map and road map for your membership
Create an MVP for your product
Day 3
Live training:
Create a marketing strategy for the launch of your membership. Formats, content, price, technical issues.
Day 4 (for LAB members only)
Mastermind with Dmitry: QA session, case studies.
we have you covered so you can run a membership as stress-free as possible
Here is what challenge will include
Live trainings and work books
everything you need to plan and start you successful membership
Private Facebook group
Community, feedback from Dmitry and his experts and many more
Blueprints, templates and cases
find out ready-for-use templates and cases, to get it going
Ask a question
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